Managing the supply chain from harvesting to distribution

Timber Round Logs

Natural resources should be harnessed efficiently for society's benefit and not be wasted. Farlin’ s unwavering commitment in this belief drives our timber trade in highly sought after plantation logs and timber and valued added processed timber such as veneer, sawn timber and plywood.

Our timber is sourced from all over the world and sold principally to China, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and the Middle East.

Our competitive edge lies in our end-to-end supply chain management, integrating all key processes from procurement to final distribution. To this end, we have obtained timber plantation harvesting rights in New Zealand and various parts of West Africa. By owning our own plantations and logging facilities, and undertaking the complete cycle of harvesting, reforestation and processing of timber, we can assure our trading partners and customers of consistent quality products right from the ground up.

Our value-driven supply chain also extends to managing the logistics process, ensuring timely delivery through a network of affiliated vessels and master mariners to our global network of warehouses, and from there to our customers, enforcing strict quality control every step of the way.

Processed Timber

Farlin Timber is always in to vertical integration for adding values to Timber products by supplying sawn timber, plywood, veneers.

In line with Farlin Timber’s drive to add value for the product line, we have exclusive tie ups with various factories in Indonesia, Malaysia, Ivory Coast for producing Plywood, Sawn Timber and Veneer.

Farlin Timber provides sawn timber with special cuttings (varying rectangular width and length, may be wedge shaped) & various sizes through our sales outlets to Middle East, India, Bangladesh. Pakistan, Nepal & China.

Farlin is specialised in producing PLYWOOD and VENEER as well. The production team controls the quality with factories in Indonesia, Malaysia and China.

We provide Plywood in different sizes and mixtures as per customer’s requirement. Special teams are placed in various factories to have quality check & control.

Cashew Nuts

We are a global exporter of raw / processed cashew nuts

Farlin is a global exporter of raw / processed cashew nuts sourced from the Ivory Coast, Benin, Guinea Bissau and Tanzania. The raw cashew nuts are procured directly from the farmers at their origin, where they undergo stringent quality control inspections before being transported to our processing warehouses to be dried and packaged for export to India and Vietnam.

Our investment in state-of-the-art drying facilities and world-class warehousing logistics ensures that high quality is uniform across every shipment.